Slashy slashy.


Embark on a quest with the delightfully narcissistic knight, Von Wanst (gorgeous hair), as he attempts to free himself from a perplexing tower. Explore a labyrinth of unpredictable outcomes filled with deadly traps, monsters, and even other prisoners to join in the escape.

Lucky Tower Ultimate is a roguelite adventure game infused with slapstick humor and a hand-drawn aesthetic, where each run feels like an immersive cartoon. It continues the cult classic Flash game series about choosing between three mysterious doors. The Lucky Tower beckons seasoned fans and new players alike to experience the unique pleasure of getting all geared up just to slip on a banana peel and die.

Choose Your Misadventure

In this twisty tale, your decisions are the key to multiple ways to end the run — each more complex than the last. Everything and everyone reacts to your actions, for better or worse. Selfishly slash your way down and use companions to your advantage, or safely reach civilization together.

It looks like a cartoon and feels like a joke.

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